Flour and Ash

Scouring Trip Adviser last night after suggesting a trip to the newly opened pizza place Flour and Ash (on Cheltenham Road, by The Arches) i was dismayed to see what the internet has done to people. Two bit "reviewers" trashing a new place within the first 5 days because they all fancy themselves the next …

Wriggle Recipe: Cooking With Booze

Check out a piece i did about cooking with booze over at Wriggle.

Sarah Harding, writer over at Bedsitbonnevivante, shares some of her favourite boozy treats for our Wriggle Recipe section this week.

The arguments rage on about whether you should use good quality booze in your cooking or just use the cheap stuff. Most people will tell you that it doesn’t really matter but i have found with the influx of craft beers, ciders and spirits on the market you can create some really exceptional dishes with big flavours using something made just down the road. There’s a great range of independent booze shops in Bristol and Bath (Wriggle themselves ran a Wild Beer themed offer at Independent Spirit in Bath just the other week) where you can pick up at least four good beers for just over a tenner. That’s cheaper than the pub!

Picked for their fruity flavours, I used Wiper and True’s Australia (tropical hints) & Wild Beer’s…

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